Seco Cocktails FAQs

Ideal cocktail equipment ( and lovely substitutions) 

A Boston shaker. This two-piece shaker, composed of two mixing tins, is suitable for shaken drinks (for which you require both parts). Substitutions include three piece shakers or mason jars. 

A bar spoon. A long bar spoon (approximately 11 inches) is needed for all stirred drinks. Substitutions include spoons for tea, which are typically longer than the regular soup spoon.

A jigger. Most jiggers are stainless steel and have a dual-measure design. The most common ones have a 1-ounce capacity on one end and a 2-ounce capacity on the other. Substitutions include a tablespoon. ( 2T = 1 ounce )

Strainers. You need a julep strainer (which has a perforated bowl shape) for stirred drinks and a Hawthorne strainer (which has a metal coil wrapped around its bowl to keep out citrus pulp) for shaken drinks. The Hawthorne can do double duty if need be. 

Large-scale ice trays. A large ice cube makes a big difference, both aesthetically and tastewise, in some stirred, sipping drinks, like the Old-Fashioned. Molds for these sorts of cubes, typically 2 by 2 inches in size, are now very easy to find. 


Commonly Asked Questions 

To make simple syrup, simply combine equal parts sugar and water and stir until fully dissolved. No need to heat treat if you are making within 3 days of use. Please refrigerate.

You can usually squeeze .75 oz out of 1 lime but I always recommend having a few extra around in case the limes are on the dry side.

To make agave syrup or honey syrup, use the 3:1 ratio. Three parts honey or agave to one part water.

Please, please use fresh juice! Buying real citrus and squeezing it day of is the best thing you can do for quality cocktails.

I have listed some common tools, but people don't stress over this! You can use mason jars, chopsticks and more. Get creative and stay comfortable.