the correlation of intimacy and education

the correlation of intimacy and education

how you take your old fashioned is your choice.

learning cocktail theory just lets us relate to our aversions and preferences more quickly. 

my intention with @secococktails classes has always been more about getting my clients to get to know themselves more intimately.

the build blocks you learn in cocktails 101 simply give you permission to be creative. the most esoteric and complex ideas spring from slight limitations of the mind. it helps you focus, and forces you to spend your creative energy on flavor profiles, aromas, ingredients, temperatures, and textures. 

the tools and theories you learn in my classes extend far beyond cocktails. it’s what keeps people coming back again and again.

i’ve always been incredibly intentional with my education. i put myself in difficult, awkward or just simply new places (very often, lol) to learn new information, new skills and new tools for self-improvement.

the greatest lesson in all of it? i’ve gotten to know myself better. i’ve grown at a pace i’m proud of. i feel fulfilled with knowledge and i feel more confident knowing that no matter what situation would arise, i would either have the skills or the cross-over skill to get through it. 

this is why i teach. i teach what i know. i hope you learn how to make a better cocktail, but more importantly, i hope that it opens your eyes to a bigger, brighter, more beautiful life, knowing you can do literally anything you want to. 

learn with me.

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