the weekend rebujito

2 oz manzanilla sherry (like this one) 
4-6 oz homemade sparkling lemon-lime soda (or limonata sanpellegrino)

combine ingredients in a glass of your choice. fill the glass with ice to keep your drink superrrr cool. garnish with a lemon slice and/or a sprig of mint to make it sexy.

homemade sparkling lemon-lime soda recipe: 
1 cup simple syrup
1/2 cup lemon juice, freshly squeezed and unstrained
1/2 cup lime juice, freshly squeezed and unstrained
4 cups cold water

combine these ingredients and refrigerate until cool. fill your iSi sodamaker to the fill line and charge once. shake 15 times before use. 

why do any of this? 

the rebujito is southern Spain's answer to "what is a perfect cocktail?" well, i sure think so... this drink is simple to execute, hard to mess up, and quite perfection when done right. 

i don't teach many classes on the cocktail category of spirit + soda, as pouring two ingredients doesn't require too much technique, but I figured I would use my absolute favorite spirit + soda cocktail to demonstrate how to properly make these cocktail styles.

use fresh juice... always.
build your cocktail before adding ice. this will help keep your cocktail cooler for longer. 

the rebujito is typically made with store-bought lemon-lime soda and hastily consumed in Jerez and Sevilla during their spring and summer "fiestas del pueblo." 

for me, it's a year-round go-to cocktail that never disappoints.

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